Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, the horses suggested we glue them together with molasses , but we quickly caught onto their motives ;) Yes, these are welded in-shop by our talented metal artists. 

We use drop forged steel, genuine pony horseshoes that are made in America. 

Your items will ship to you buck-naked. They will naturally start to patina/rust, especially if they’re exposed to humidity. We think this brings out their rustic charm, but if you prefer a polished look, you can absolutely add a finish of your choice!  

If you decide to add a finish, we recommend either a Rustoleum-brand clear or colored spray paint. We have found the Rustoleum Appliance Spray to be a great option. You may consider adding a clear coat every 3-4 years for continued protection. 

We limit our custom names to letters only. Letters are easy for the eye to identify in this abstract art form, and we have not found the same to be true with numbers.

You may choose to mount your signs using the nail-holes in the shoes, or you could attach wire or twine to hang it up. Whichever you choose, make sure to check for stability. Nobody likes an unplanned dismount!